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Tell us a bit about the city where you want to produce a NewCo festival. Confirm the existence of components of what we call the “NewCo Eco-system” in your city. Are there incubators, accelerators, an active investment community, civic/mayoral support, academia, and a variety of non-profits?
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Please submit the list of civic and business leaders you might recruit to join your market’s NewCo Advisory Council (name, title, company name).
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Provide a rough draft list of host companies (we call them “NewCos”) you would invite to participate in a festival in your city. Here's a link to our criteria for being a NewCo:
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Please describe how you would market and promote the festival to ensure its success. Give us details about the size of your lists, particularly those list members who would be interested in a business event in your city.
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Please pick the ideal day and time to host your one hour NewCo session. We will schedule your session start time based on your choice.

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Please give us more detail about the composition of the team that would help you with your festival, such as volunteers, paid employees, etc.
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