Welcome. This form is for those applying to Volunteer, for approval of the Non-Profit and Start-up rate and for special consideration pricing. Once all of our slots are full we will send a final notice to all applicants.
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Are you applying to volunteer at Shift Forum. This means you will work a set number of hours at Shift Forum in exchange for a complimentary ticket to attend. *

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Please state your case for requesting a complimentary or special discount ticket. Why do you wish to attend Shift Forum. *

The hard costs for each attendee at Shift Form is over $1500 per person. The number of complimentary tickets we can make available is limited. If you are able to contribute toward a heavily discounted ticket, please list the amount you can accommodate. *

Please provide the URL of your non-profit's website and your reasons for wanting to attend Shift Forum.

Other comments or helpful information you can provide to help us in our planning.

Thank you for your application to participate in Shift Forum. We may get in touch if we have additional questions or need clarification. If you are approved for the non-profit rate, you will receive an email with a special discount code to register. Otherwise, we'll be contacting all applicants in the fall.
In the meantime, enjoy the summer!
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