If you are interested in volunteering as a host company ambassador for NewCo Miami, please complete this form and we will contact you about 4 weeks prior to the festival. This volunteer opportunity is an important job that will help deliver an excellent onsite experience to both our host companies (a.k.a. NewCos) and attendees. Here is a top‐level description of the tasks required to satisfy this role:

Each NewCo ambassador will:
- Arrive at a host company's office 30 minutes ahead of the start time
- Ensure that the signage is in place
- Assist with attendee check in
- Answer any questions from the attendees or the host company
- Provide feedback about the presentation after the session has ended
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Shirts are all gender neutral tees.

Are you available to attend a training session the evening before the NewCo festival starts, on March 25th?

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I have read and agree to the requirements outlined in this form and on the ambassador responsibilities overview page at: https://mia.newco.co/volunteer-ambassador-resonsibilities/ *

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Thank you for your interest in NewCo Miami!
A confirmation email should arrive on your digital doorstep very soon.
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